Monday, June 27, 2016

i invented ginger turmeric

i'll talk about my father because i liked the guy no

i loved him

when i was a young boy i loved him with a warmth that would be impossible to describe to myself now that i am older

my father, he was hairy, black hairy white olive body, bald on top of his head with hair wrapped around the sides and back of his head, and he had a beard usually that was sharp to kiss, and as a child i would dive into him like he was a burrow and remain in there as long as he'd let me

and he had a big jewish nose and a masculine chin and jaw, rolled forward shoulders like mine and i think he had big nipples like me too

and in our swimming pool sometimes we would ride underwater on his back like he was a hairy orca and we wouldn't rise until we reached the other side by the brown rocked waterfall that he had built

and it was a mystical feeling