Monday, December 21, 2015

on the darkest day of the year

She asked who took care of me
And on this winter solstice of a winter solstice of a year I remember fondly that for one juicy second it was you who did

an airbnb in venice

As my dad was in his bedroom slowly saying goodbye to life and his skin and his habits and his dear friends and his nervous family and his not yet ready to go attitude and his still alive with no actual date or approximation of time as to when he was going to leave his body I was laying in bed with a lovely naked young woman thinking about how I was at one of the heights of living and celebrating life's pleasures no matter how sad it was is or was going to get and there he was alone in his bed in the middle of the night and I wouldn't have even called her a young woman in my mind had I not thought of him


More people are dying than being born in many countries in Europe. Trav said something, about how our animal sense can feel it's not time to make more on this planet. I liked that.

A driver went forty miles the wrong way up the I-5 this morning before crashing into another car and killing all involved in fiery flames. That's what was said on the radio this morning.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ash wednesday

i keep quoting a woman who doesn't exist outside my mind until she becomes the words i attribute to her. but she is not a her. she is a me. i am a her. i am a me. but this one woman. a real one. i never found out if the cats that crawled around her place were hers or what. she has this young married couple that lives with her and reads harry potter to each other in the living room. and she, i don't know, something about her is my muse. cuz we could talk about things like abortion and shit and just live in it.

i've been looking at the blue of the sky more lately

if i lit a match the guy next to me would catch fire. what i'm saying is he's drunk. he shows me his scratcher just this moment "i just won twenty bucks." oh, nice man. i tell him a little too patronizingly. i haven't been drinking much lately. nothing to celebrate, no impending demise, no dreary depression. it's none of that. at the moment.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

fishman and lang and the damn money

it's silly. why is it silly. cuz this doesn't matter. don't say that. i woke up numb ok. ok. my feet were like dead stones. ok. and all the waiting is driving me nuts. it's driving me absolutely insane. so stop waiting. look at it like living, not waiting. it doesnt have to just b on your terms. life doesn't just have to happen only on your terms for it to happen. yeah, maybe you're right.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We lay in bed. It's a mattress on the floor. I've always liked a mattress on the floor. Sometimes I wonder if the floor isn't nature's best box spring. She kisses me. Tells me I'm not funny but that she likes me. I wonder if not finding me funny is essential to being attracted to me initially. Like we have to be taken seriously first before entertaining the alternatives. I wonder this as I'm getting up from off the mattress on the ground. I wonder it as we're saying goodbye. I wonder about it as I'm wondering why they always seem to be reconstructing every freeway on-ramp in Echo Park, always. I wonder nothing anymore driving alone down Figueroa at 2am, a championship parade of one. The Lakers won't be doing it for awhile. I might as well be celebrating something of my own, even if it's just a memory I have of once seeing The Phantom of the Opera downtown when I was a kid. I had never been inhabited by voices that loud and melodic. And the musical wasn't funny but I liked it.

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Celebration of Life

We were in Mexico
no we weren;t
Ok we weren;t but it is an allegory
for wha;t
We were in Mexico. The waters were crystal clear. My father was in a Snuba helmet. It began filling up with water slowly. He almost drowned. His friends brought the vacation pictures of it, yesterday.