Saturday, December 11, 2010


The mind is much more resilient than we give it credit for, I know, I know. I was reading hundreds of pages I'd written years and years ag-- not that long ago - and there, smack dab in stone, were the traumas, wielding their billy clubs and battering rams and me. Strong young me, standing there for the tanks to destroy, holding my ground to be flattened, reading off a list of ironies and complaints. Protesting indignant, I never would've remembered more than a few sentences, but that had been, that had been my perspective of experience. That was everything I'd ever known and understood to reflect. Now, we go on, move about, run faster, something like confidence in our strides. Isn't that what happens? We take the years and assemble confidence, mighty, uncertain but confidence, yes confidence, welcome to the parade, we're already familiar with it all, most of it, like a well rehearsed dream or nightmare or all of it, right, thank you.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


At night, down below, the lines of glowing traffic look like silver slugs, gushing their way along the intestines of the lit-up city, slowly, lit-up, slowly. In the morning, the sunrise comes onto the Earth's face. It's creation, not degradation, it's the beginning of a new life, a symbolic entrance to a new day. Warming, encouraging our sleeping souls from hibernation. The pigeons clapping their wings in applause. The skater flipping his board, active in the air, trusting the results of something happening within himself, beneath his feet, which he doesn't totally understand.

We're in a constant state of flux. The flux is in adjusting to and figuring out what we can control and what we must surrender to in this life, and others.

When realized it can be a blessed state.