Wednesday, November 9, 2016

post election results

I thought of us chasing the moon.

i went back there this morning to watch the sunrise and claim my own sense of the world independent of all the well deserved clutter and hysteria

and i heard the wind so agitated and melodic and i watched the sunrise and it was slow and powerful and with effort and i got to the top and no one else was on the whole damn mountain not like that night when we couldn't buy silence as the sunset with all those mother and fathers and their kids on the rocks behind us

this was only me all alone and

i took pictures and looked at my dead dad's instagram and felt i felt i felt so full so full of life and spirit and no matter what happens on this earth baby

i have lived so full and grateful and i am connected into and all of it and i have loved it i am with all my flaws i am love and oh how i loved yelling at that moon with you and hearing you laugh

and oh how despite all the ugly in the world oh how i will continue to love