Wednesday, June 15, 2016

a few stories

she was in a pink apartment with white cats taking pictures of a feminine boy she met on the metro who was too gentle in bed and in malaysia was in a glass house with her new boyfriend and wanted to prance naked through the glass house with him but he wouldn't out of modesty and he said you are still in love with him and she had been thinking of him and how he broke up with her when she asked him why he didn't want to go to malaysia especially cuz he would have been brave enough to prance about the glass house naked with her

he had thought of her funeral and how he would know all the boyfriends past and present there and the stories of all of them and how it pained him to know

like the half american who lived in his grandmas attic with windows that opened out to a view of notre dame who seduced her by rubbing her ear

and the handsome belgian who she made love to on a rooftop in morocco while the neighborhood kids spied on them

or the kid in college who looked like kurt cobain and kept hindering himself by giving his savings to needy relatives

the tantric guy at burning man who she fucked and cried onto for four dusty days and who emailed her too presumptively the next year about an std check up

the arrogant dark eyed jewish stud who fingered her to climax then said something racist that caused her to run

the aid worker in samoa who ate her out in the car on the side of a dark road who she faked an orgasm with

then on another island, he came to her once. her brain was in trouble. he felt her body drip like a candle and cry tears like a candle and begin again like a candle and she had been living on peanut butter and staring at piles of dead bodies in the streets, rivers of their blood, she bled her little living blood around the southern part of the island. and he drove her. he drove her wherever she wanted to go at all hours of the night and day and he drove into her over and over and over again until years later

her and her girlfriends were drunk in new york city and she had them all crying about the love they made

and her boyfriend now, he knew was in finance or something like that and had a chin like him, one of those pussy eating chins