Friday, September 9, 2016

so you may know

There is a guy. There is this guy I am fading

He is standing outside the front door of my building.

the one you crept inside of.

Outside, you'd text. I did. I did come down the hallway in my socks to find you.

This girl. She, beautiful. We eat at a mexican restaurant in silver lake. She, asks me. How do you think this is going.

Ok, i say.

This guy. the guy outside my building's front door is in dark aviator shades. Middle age. Playing music from his boom box that is in a bag on the steps.

She. You. Walked up em. You walked up em. I liked the way we would laugh. I liked our jokes and the way you let me be low and weird and how my strangeness was a value even a gift to you. Thank you for that gift of you

Even if we were drowning in desert dust