Friday, July 8, 2016

the blues radio station on the internet

mama how do i fight the devil no -- wait --- scratch that


how do i fight -- like --- the devil

mama cuz mama

do u remember how the devil worked hisself through u and u took his spear thing and u ran with it on fire in ur hands

mama cuz    mama

how did u fight so much of the devil

it must've made u crazy no -- wait -- i know that it did but -- it must've been the hardest thing in the world mama

to fight the devil like u did until u had to wield his tool until u found cold water


ur brave mama

now i go

mama i go

searchin for the devil in all the ones i want to find

and not like the sinners mama

u know that's all hogwash




like the ones possessed with an on fire spear in their hands and in their brains and in their hearts and between their legs and the fire is so much truthful when u get used to it for the moment u can

before it sets u on fire

how do i fight it mama

i mean

like it