Tuesday, November 10, 2015

recipe idea

3 cups of watching her go. 1 and 1/12 tablespoons of regret. 3 shots of tequila. 1 post on the internet about how you're sad about it. 4.5 tylenol with codeine. 10 days of antibiotics. 3 days of i'm going to get it together. 1 bad phone call. 1 worse phone call. 1 non sensical email. 1 apologetic voicemail. 1 hospital visit. 3 days in the rain. 2 bruises on your face. 1 night spent sleeping in your car. 1 night spent sleeping your car. 1 night spent sleeping in your car. 12 years of adulthood as defined by law. 14 lies. 100 mg of $%^&$. 50 mg of $^&*$. 1 foaming mouth. 4 convulsing limbs. 8 seconds of unconsciousness. 2 flashes where you saw the light. 2 flashes where you saw your life flash before your eyes. 18 minutes in solitary confinement. 27 years in a medieval dungeon in a former life. 1 time your friend climbed on top of a pay for parking kiosk on the beach raising his arms high and yelling like a fucking sorcerer, as the sun climbed down the ladder behind him, and nothing much happened.