Thursday, November 5, 2015

are you there god it's me margaret

my friend lily was reminding me of non local intelligence. how a split atom will change itself identical as its other side without the motion in between evident. now i sit in front of my computer and think: it is non local intelligence when someone else is on the screen and we are talking and nodding and agreeing and having orgasms together. from different sides of the world. and i'm not doing that now. i'm just thinking of it as an example.

cuz i wrote about it in my book. when i wrote my book. i was preoccupied with absence. and i didn't put it that way then.

but the greatest presence in my life right now is absence. there is so much presence to absence. it's overwhelming. and rich. like my dad's friend marty says about the sad stuff, it's rich. i don't think he was talking about absence the times he said it. but that's what i mean.