Monday, October 18, 2010

Passing Stones

I swear. I swear it. This gloom can break a lot of hearts. I've had dreams of pissing blood, when today I lost a stone and it's gone and it was a collection of a lot of things, thank god it's gone. We gather and collect dust until the dead moments calcify, become, painful manifestations, violent symbols tearing apart our urinary systems and then there goes the gremlin that's been winding-grinding it's way through my days and weeks and I'm shaken and glad to be rid of the demon, glad to be recovering, shaken, I assume the calm.

I knew that mountain would be good for something and it was greater. My friend and I were speaking of complexities and running through humid cloud space and gentle time and huffing and puffing lactic acid-exploration and we weren't escaping, we were grinding into and through the exploration. The talk was of removal from conditioning, the talk was of forgoing the chemical slavery to which we allow ourselves to fall victim, it was about CHARGING the moment with all of that wasted falsely manifested-once-survival-necessary-now-destructive-dazzling energy. CHARGING the moment and losing labels and defensive ties and wasteful security and bypassing the limited confirmations of fixed-selves, we are ever-changing, we are ever-changing, we are best losing confirmation of our fixed-selves. Personality is bullshit because it's putting on a persona, he said that. Geniuses are really just bodies for demons to grace and bless and it's good to lose certain responsibilities to our creations because they aren't ours, the best ones are expressions passing through our particular form, our stylized expressions of energy, we are after all just expressions of energy in the form of humans, humans are good little lightning rods, we do some good things with our form, we allow some brilliant energy to CHARGE through our form, we can be exhilarated with genius and we can pour paintings and music and words and songs and moments and photos and colors and vibrations and grace for creations that stimulate, beautify, grow the complexity, animate the senses, the senses, these sensations we have are tools to measure our advancements, our purposes, our majestic train stations, moving trains, and runways, planes and spaceships, flights.