Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Face The Evening Straight

a beauty and a bird. the mirrors turn their backs. don't cry, there are some people doing incredible things with their humanity right now. i write cooked by nostalgia for the future i misunderstood. I write windswept. there's so much more to build. the evidence is staggering. those teenage dreams proved one-dimensional, they had to be to drive this undertaking. it's better to not know what we're getting ourselves into when we first step foot on these larger journeys. the movements echo responsive feedback, lesser and lesser the closer and closer we get. i write invigorated by wonder, growing wonder, it slips through the sludge no matter how much time is wasted browsing the internet. no matter how much is lost in the muddled undertakings of half-efforts and misguided schemes. the optimism is never misguided. the propellant drive is always furthering. the growth is always awkward, stunning, eye-opening.