Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Growth Honors Entropy

The onions between our fingernails turn to tears. The sprinkler system coughs water onto our lawns. And I'm lucky to be alive. My days are spent floating in love. My days are succumbing to inertia. My days are lived in secure explosions. I chase the wind on my bike. My darling's eyes water from the howling air and my love swells for her after every turn. The quarter audit reveals the gratitude for another crack at freedom. A dinner table. Interwoven spirits. The ever-beautiful knot growing more complex, more picturesque in flaws/perfections from greater distances and from right here in the existence. What do I have to say? There's something, some greater message, some bulk of positivity that I'm trying to spread or convey, almost as a shield, almost as a sacrifice for the good that exists. You shut your eyes, face that big body of water that gives a hint of godly perspective and you say thank you.