Saturday, September 4, 2010

Four Dimensional Merry Go Rounds

I already wrote something in a dream but apparently those things don't stick around when the eyes open and the brain starts spinning it's hamster wheel.

I envisioned the threads severing and the world falling apart and the strings that compose the spaces between space spiraling and twisting themselves around our arms and legs before carrying us up to the hanging gardens of this or that or some other spiderweb galaxy to which we might belong.

A few days ago I went running down the sand in the early morning and I sat at the edge of the pier and lost myself. When I awoke, my true state returned somewhat maudlin with my back tight and my mind humming it's usual refrigerator song. But those moments before, where my body went quiet and the polyurethane coating of my delusion peeled away, thinking of those moments, there was a pause that I remember calmly. There is the universe as a black sheet with all of it's mind-blowing scale of life and space existing within the thickness of the fibers of the cloth, stars, planets, galaxies and the like. There is the expanding speed warping and wrapping outward all while gravity does it's time in the weight room and the little defined constants obligingly hold their position. And here we are with everything cooperating long enough for us to give our tiny monumental cracks at these minuscule auditions for the roles of becoming gods, or less melodramatically, becoming beings of understanding, and usually we fail it seems.

And if time travel were possible we'd be looking into the eyes of a future traveller on CNN or Fox News depending on the political affiliations of said journeyman, and he/her would also be proof that the elusive search for the master of this expansion still hasn't shown his/her face and that if time marches on and people fail and fail and fail to elude the boundaries of existence, then they'll forever be at the mercy of the constants and the feeling that they're participating in one hell of an emotional existence complete with tears, love, mistakes, happenings, futility and something seemingly like optimism.