Monday, January 4, 2010

Put A Blue Ribbon On

Wonder-wonder. It's no wonder that this time of year opens up like a kaleidoscopic splendor-drenched landscape. The days are warm here. Everyone keeps telling me that we should send some pictures to our friends in the cold. We never will. I'm too entranced to be bothered by weather gloating.

My plate is full, then it empties. I go to hide for awhile and return to it covered again. A feast. Rinse, wash, spin, repeat. Let the growth occur in between. Ambition is the many feathers of a peacock. They dazzle, have their focal points, shine persuasively for another party to take a liking to. They die. They fall to the ground. They're replaced by new feathers. They end up on pretty jewelry or trampled beneath the dust. They lose their luster. They change the world.

If at first, few thousand times, you don't succeed, lift yourself up and try again. The third round Arsenal match was a perfect example of the idea that:

No matter how down you get, never abandon your style.

At its presentable levels, STYLE, is more than a fleeting choice. It's a long-crafted expression of your evolution. If you've done your due diligence, been forged in fires, withstood the tortures, breathed in the beauties, accumulated the scars, and maintained a sense of humor, then this flawed collection of brilliance will contain the best that you have to give the world. Adjust, evolve, tear down, and rebuild. Never abandon your style.