Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Disappearing Acts Returning Centered

Clarity eludes me and that's fine. Our lives merge together. The newsreel marches forward. The energy only changes form and once we meet we're never strangers.

The blurred purgatorial yearnings toss and turn around the periphery of inactivity. I'm waiting in a line of my own mind. There's a step to be made. A chess move to be had. While, all the while I continue my expression. All the while I bide my time. All the while I observe and live and love. Everything is here. I'm wrapped in a dark blanket of love. My mornings are beautiful. My days are alive. My nights are magic. You are mine. I am yours. Bursting with life. Overflowing with golden mercury. The people in our lives are reflections of our own eyes.

Exploring caverns of living. Darkness beneath baseball caps. The mystery of others. What's being said in quiet whispers. Life on the fringe. Self-imposed exile from functional sustenance and it's moments of panic. This existence provides with the kindness of others and I know I'll return the favor. So much received. I'm selling myself short. I've given until I've lost myself. There were days when I handed it all over. There were days of pain. There were days of disbelief and futility. There were days when I received parking tickets during tragedies. There were days. There still are. Days split between freedom and fear. Days when I don't know what to do with myself. Days where I throw away meaning for gratitude. Days when I don't give a shit about philosophizing. There are days when I effortlessly create. There are days where I connect to my purpose. There are still days. There are still days. There are still days and somewhere beneath them all is the engrained optimism. The ability to see the fire. The importance it seems is in continuing the exchange. Movement creates more of itself. The rust stays off the kinetic wheel. Be cautious, dowse yourself in paranoia, but let some of it go, there's too much to learn outside of yourself. In a world of sickness, patches of light. In a world of entropy, reservoirs of health. In a savage world, we face bravely. With always something to share, I encounter my excuses, I adjust my perspectives again and again.