Saturday, April 8, 2017

how he bled black blood out of his nose and we cradled him in our arms like we had been all this time

Travis my boy

yes what is it josh

Travis my boy do you remember when

josh, yes, of course i do. i will never forget it

No but

josh i know what youre gonna say

But Travis that hollowed out haunted stare that i am trying so hard to hide that you are trying so bravely to preserve it is about--

i know what it is about josh

I know but Travis you must understand it's a miracle how you and I can still confide in each other and share space and orbit one another after all we have been thr--

josh i know. i know josh. so well. better than anyone on earth can articulate at times when i try

But Travis


Travis do you remember how

it is  on my mind constantly

How we... do you remember

i remember josh

Do you remember how we watched a man die together

yes josh. he was my best friend. of course i remember

Travis, sometimes I wouldn't believe it was real if it hadn't been the most real thing I have ever had this life to know

i know josh i know