Thursday, July 9, 2015

a bloke name vernon

oh papi these latina damsels downtown in ripe colors form fitting around the contours of their plump derrieres ayaya mmm papi damn. from the streets of the wholesale district to the shores of the westside - that edge of the modern world - with its trustafarian princesses cavorting along abbot kinney in street rags worth more than my bank account balance and oh how their twenty years of no interest glow somehow sexier upon their kombucha fed skins and my momma was a supermodel lips oh how i'd slide my hand like daddy's charge card between those pilates toned legs and never worry about things like an outstanding balance ever again hot damn papi i mean

hot damn kid hot damn papi this african black mama in her yellow skirt and white blouse decorating and marking all this empty space with a purpose that the other girls can't pronounce in the same way, mmh her shade is shade, it is endless in that like it is a dark bath that i want to mmm i want nothing more than to submerge my spindly skin into one tantalizing inch at a time starting with my mouth, grazing her musculature and then savoring her soft secrets and oh papi oh these girls drive me loca or loco papi you know?

i mean sheeet

you know i don't speak any of much spanish papi but hot damn i want to. you know i want to. portugese too. i was under the covers once with this young brazilian woman of you know her caramel body reflecting an amalgamy of all the evil and purity in the world. one of those creme de la creme young fertile jungle beach city creations and let me tell you razor finger over my heart i would sell my soul to taste a drop of her sweat again and oh to hear her speak oh that portugese language is like a song and a fuck at the same time. sheeet. even french feels like you can taste the sweet honeydew on your tongue. i wanna learn the sex languages papi but it's just that bein a bedbug makes it so tough to get a proper bilingual education. cuz it's all about survival for the bedbug. is all.

it's all about survival for the bedbug. but i scratch and claw making room for the big picture necessities like you know the one. as in the survival of species, interspecies, hell papi, i'm thinkin bout the future, bout wanting to make a baby with these goddesses if i can just find the magic of how to grow up a little. sheeet i'd make an immortal baby with every single one of them son. one slow daughter at a time.

oh sheeet. imagine it papi: my bedbug seed spilling forth between one set of legs, another set of legs. another set of legs. my mouth hovering over her heart. and her heart. and her heart. oh the warm heat that leaves my lips from her making and then now her basking in what she just made in me and now it's giving onto her and that's the amazing thing of sex papi how we make one thing that does it to them that does it to us that does it to them until we are indistinguishable and oh i'm willing to go for miles, days and forever to lose myself in it just watch me papi:

watch me do it:

ugh papi. ugh. it's a rough life bein a bedbug.