Monday, March 2, 2015

Transmissions pt I

You are in such a rush for your own Universe darling. I implore you to begin with a Galaxy first. Hear me out. I simply would like to see if you are responsible enough to take care of your own Galaxy to start. You know Daddy will give you whatever you want. You know I will. But remember that time you wanted your own crater on the moon filled with all those space ponies? Should I remind you who got you the biggest available hole the moon still had to offer and those nearly endless hordes of majestic creatures my dear? The space ponies were so adorable cantering around that crater in mass and initially you thought so too and the lunar glow of your smile was so worth it but then you did quickly grow tired of the crater and them. Remember my dear? Not that money is an issue to Papa but it was indeed quite costly having to find adequate boarding for all of those ponies afterward.

I have never been one for lecturing. I am far too mild-mannered and concerned with living in the super-moment. Yet I do in this case urge caution. Why so? Well, I suppose I should tell you my dear that your own father did once own his own Universe. Yes, it was a long century ago but sometimes when I am alone in my greenhouse pod it feels like yesterday.

I began by soaking in the clusters. They captivated my attention. Then the icy comets and the way their tails sparkled in slow ellipses. Next I began mining metals from planets and space and they - do not get me wrong - turned out to be quite profitable to my amassed fortune. However, then the dark energy began to make itself evident. And I had to pay so much tax to the dark energy. I gave it a cut of my profits. I gave it a cut of my soul. Wow, have you ever bled for a slow weak entity whose structure is necessary for your very empire? It is quite confronting my darling, bleeding for that powerful weak entity. Oh, and then not to mention all the minor incidents like getting my super shuttle stuck in black holes and the waiting for tow shuttles and the feeling of melting and not moving at all and resorting to the meters for time because it was truly lost and never felt for - quite frankly I don't know - periods of what used to be discernible time.

To tell you the truth my dear, I have not felt time in quite some time. And very far from the many moons that speckle our giant super greenhouse pod like those adorable little constellations of freckles on the back of your shoulders--

Darling do not be embarrassed! You may be self-conscious of them but I love your freckles, they are an expression of the Super, a map of the Cosmos. My darling, anyway where was I---

Where was I---