Wednesday, July 11, 2012

time is a lake

so you and i skated a canoe across it's liquid plane and on this seemingly finite surface floated infinitely, arranging ourselves, four arms rowing through space where, after a sweet paddling distance, an incredible stillness emerged.

one orange sunset lowering behind waves of green trees.

nurturing silence, drifting in gentle unison, voices unfolding, discovering again and again the prizes of space and time.

and the day expanded, contracted and slept and we stayed awake and talked and you told me to look upward and i was dazzled. that night i realized, that god made the specks in our eyes, mirrors for the stars in the skies. they blanketed our minds.

i've never seen such a brilliant arrangement of existence, you shimmered like a planet before me, i know you and you me and we explore, an adventure, we explore. our conversation danced through centuries and mingled into tangled histories and arrived in the present and found itself in love, everything we did together seemed to write love, love, love.

a picnic with the universe, four legs, hands, climbing to the middle of our vessel, pairs of knees to metal, lips meeting, the shooting stars whistled, mosquitoes crooned like a mariachi band, and our breathing whispering music. beneath us was depth, above us possibility, in human form, this ship buoyant by gravity and alive, so intensely alive with communicating souls and listening hearts.

the warm lights of the dock gesturing toward friendly earthly existence, our eyes in the same direction, imaginations bounding, romance existing under those stars, we're always under those stars, i'm grateful we're under those stars, you sleeping in my arms.