Monday, October 3, 2011


nobody's watching. the sun must light up our eyes indefinitely if we get enough of it's unblemished morning rays. no one knows when you're gone. the liberation of spirit is beyond compare. the exchange is only stroke of blood in heart. life becomes a phantom right? memories crystallize into present behaviors, some good or bad. indifferent or meaningful. a bunch of handsome people move about abbot kinney now, but before it was just us, wasn't it? insulated in worlds and worlds, that google+ thing has it right with it's circles. circles and circles of perspectives, we lasso the reality we choose for now and grip it like it's everything. sometimes catching something god damn beautiful that drags us like an infuriated bull. hands bleeding from rope as long as we can hang on. everything certainly becomes repopulated. i'm not sure with what? a lot. this morning i walked the beach with a lot more people than i remember. and the sun was writing all over my face. the sand hitchhiking in my shoes. birds travelling like neurons. giving thoughts. pleasure ocean. pain boardwalk. both contrasting forces inherent in one another. i took a left along familiar streets. a vagrant face reflecting back at me in car windows. or just another affected one prone to reflection. it's something.