Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Collective Bonfire

This has to be from the finger tips alone. If there's a manifested energy to be released, it must be cruising on it's own course. Searching for the gift of another form. There are no color barriers, only a notion that the exchange must take place. There is a glance. A subtle gesture. A hint of life in bloom. Now presenting a freedom, a friendship, the coming together of two souls.

A light switch left on reveals a room only when perception arrives.

A man alone means nothing. An anguished cry in the woods doesn't make a sound. For these words to be true, the human soul would have to be disconnected and for that reason I disagree with the previous statements, but not their provocation of transactional context. The creation exists in the life forms surrounding the context, orbiting a purpose, seemingly arbitrary or intensely focused, the energy expands multiplied by these relationships. Expanding and expanding moving toward complexity, contributing fuel to the evolutionary fire, not just on a species-specific basis, but a universal one. WHY ELSE DO YOU THINK WE'RE DOING ALL OF THIS?